'The Raid' Trailer: Check Out TIFF's Most Buzzed-About Action Film

'The Raid' Trailer: Check Out TIFF's Most Buzzed-About Action Film

Sep 09, 2011

Over the past 12 hours or so, buzz has been steadily building for The Raid after it premiered in the Toronto International Film Festival's midnight section last night. The film, from Welsh director Gareth Evans (Merentau), has some calling it the best action film they've seen in a long time, and based on this trailer it's kinda hard to wave off those hyperbolic statements because this thing looks like the very definition of badass -- a balls-to-the-wall shot of adrenaline inside a building full of cops and drug dealers, with each side using everything they have (weapons, fists, legs, knives) to kill each other ... and kill each other hard.

Our friend Drew over at HitFix had this to say in his review: "The Raid" is not just a bone-crunching visceral experience, but it is also a tidy, efficient piece of storytelling with just enough pause for character to push this from good to great.  It is a near perfect action movie, paced tremendously, with bad guys who are genuinely awful, and shot in such a way that you feel every single punch or kick when it lands."

Sony picked up The Raid for distribution, so you'll get to see it. One of the cool things they'll be adding to the film is an original score from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda (his first), which you can hear a little bit of in the trailer below. This one looks like it's badass and a half. Trailer via MTV -- we also included the poster below the trailer.


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