The First Images from 'Raging Bull II' and Why We're Concerned

The First Images from 'Raging Bull II' and Why We're Concerned

Jun 21, 2012


Here are the first images from Beneath the Darkness filmmaker Martin Guigui's Raging Bull II, and we're a little concerned. Part two is based on Chris Anderson, Sharon McGehee, and Jake LaMotta's novel that follows LaMotta's troubled saga after losing his championship title and drowning his sorrows in women, booze, and prison. A few months ago, we were informed that the film would be a "unique combination prequel and sequel that explores 'before the rage' and 'after the rage.'" 
It seems impossible to create a worthy follow-up to Scorsese's movie, but star William Forsythe is promising Guigui's project has merit. "I understand that because it's such an iconic, beautiful and amazing first film — one of the great films maybe of all time. But our story has a lot more heart and I think it's a beautiful depiction of who Jake really is," he recently said. The actor will play LaMotta from ages 34-73 with newcomer Mojean Aria stepping in for the boxer in his youth. Joe Mantegna, Natasha Henstridge, Penelope Ann Miller, and Tom Sizemore also star.
LaMotta will be acting as consultant on the film and sounded surprised that the film managed to get off the ground. "I'd never have believed it in a million years. But they think it's interesting enough to do it. They must know something," he said. Hopefully that's true, because by the looks of these images, we're not so sure. For those wondering if the director would mimic Scorsese's black and white style, here is your answer. Right now things feel a little uninspired, but we'll hang in there for the next update. Raging Bull II hits theaters in 2013. What do you think of the film's first preview?

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