'V/H/S/' Directors In Talks For Found Footage Frankenstein Movie 'The Reawakening'

'V/H/S/' Directors In Talks For Found Footage Frankenstein Movie 'The Reawakening'

Apr 25, 2012

There's already a full slate of Frankenstein films in various stages of development in Hollywood, but apparently that's not stopping new projects from leaping onto the crowded pile. Fox and Universal each have their own versions in the works, but Lionsgate is out to top both of them with the revelation they've got a second Frankenstein film in the works. The first is I, Frankenstein (see a picture of star Aaron Eckhart as the monster here), and it's now joined by The Reawakening.

The collective creative quartet known as Radio Silence are in talks to direct the film, written by Luke Dawson (the American remake of Shutter) and being described by Vulture as "equal parts Flatliners and Frankenstein." That's really all they say about the project, though, so we'll have to make our own deductions from there. Presumably it's about a group of smart coeds flirting with death experiments who end up crossing over into undead territory, and naturally they must be documenting the whole thing. If you've got another interpretation of what that crossover pitch means, though, do share it below.

If you've seen the found footage horror anthology V/H/S, you already know Radio Silence's work. They directed the 'bros going to the Halloween party' segment that's easily the most entertaining one in the entire film. The team did a great job with it, and they've clearly got clever ideas for how to make fresh use of an already overly familiar filming gimmick, so hopefully they can do the same here.

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