Quint's Favorite Beer from 'Jaws' Is Making a Comeback for a Limited Time Only

Quint's Favorite Beer from 'Jaws' Is Making a Comeback for a Limited Time Only

Jul 07, 2014

There's a great scene in Jaws... actually, every scene in Jaws is a great scene. However, one of our favorite, quieter moments comes when Quint (Robert Shaw) finishes drinking a beer and then crushes the can with one hand. Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) in turn makes a show of chugging his water and crushing the tiny plastic cup in his hand. Well now, thanks to a small brewery from Rhode Island, you can honor this scene with historical accuracy. 

For this summer only, Narragansett Beer is rereleasing its can design from 1975 that was used in the movie*. And not only that, but the company is using proceeds from the sales of these cans to support shark conservation by sponsoring a satellite tag to help researchers track a shark, as well as a tracking buoy that will be deployed in Cape Cod.

So, responsibly enjoy a cold one once drank by the great Captain Quint, and in the process help save the very beast he tried to destroy. 

Thanks to Geekologie for the find.

Jaws beer can

*We're not sure why Narragansett's announcement poster uses art from Jaws 2 for inspiration, but hey, we'll cut the beer maker some slack since this is a fun little throwback campaign.




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