Introducing the Twitch Film-Presented International Trailer Domination Tour

Introducing the Twitch Film-Presented International Trailer Domination Tour

Jun 24, 2011

Alouis Nebel

At Twitch Film we love our big Hollywood event movies as much as the next guy but it’s a big world out there, a world full of fascinating stuff. And so every week we'll be taking you on a guided tour through the best of what the rest of the world has to offer. Welcome to the International Trailer Domination Tour. Coming in this inaugural edition we’ve got Czech animation, Argentinian horror, South Korean motorcycle madness, a searing look into the German neo-Nazi movement and, well, however it is you want to describe Pedro Almodovar’s latest, we’ve got that, too.


1. The Skin I Live In by Pedro Almodovar, Spain

Pedro Almodovar has long been the auteur of dark desire, a man who seemingly likes nothing better than mucking about in the dark impulses that lie just beneath the surface. And his Cannes-selected latest is no different, the film reuniting Almodovar with star Antonio Banderas in what looks to be the most exciting performances Banderas has put in for years. A clip released from the film just prior to the Cannes premiere and now a proper teaser has followed in France.


2. Penumbra by Adrian and Ramiro Garcia Bogliano, Argentina

Argentina’s Bogliano Brothers have long been the enfants terrible of the local film industry, the duo turning out a seemingly never ending stream of hard edged horror titles. While their early work was incredibly low budget they showed immense raw talent from day one, talent recognized by the rest of the world earlier this year when Adrian’s Cold Sweat took a bow at SXSW. The duo’s upcoming Penumbra is their most ambitious yet and while they’re keeping plot details relatively hidden the just released trailer promises a handsomely constructed affair.


3. Alois Nebel by Tomáš Lunák, Czech Republic

An adaptation of the popular graphic novels by Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99, Alois Nebel promises to be one of the most impressive animated features to come out of Europe since Waltz With Bashir. In production for over three years the filmmakers first shot the picture in live action – you may recognize Karel Roden in a key role – and then painted over the live performances to create a dark, surreal vision of life in Eastern Europe following the Cold War.


4. Quick, by Jo Beom-gu, South Korea

What happens when you take a former motorcycle gang member and put him in a race against time with a crazy bomber? You get South Korea’s Quick, a big summer action film that shamelessly lifts virtually every major driving stunt you can think of from the past few years, throws in an upskirt shot or two, and executes it all with so much style that you can’t help but have a big, goofy grin on your face while watching. This is proof that boys like the same things in all parts of the world.


5. Combat Girls by David Wnendt, Germany

David Wnendt’s Combat Girls is essentially a female perspective American History X but with added punch thanks to the story being set in the German neo-Nazi movement rather than the American skinhead scene. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this sort of story told from a female perspective before and Wnendt gives his picture a raw immediacy that makes it immediately compelling.

The International Trailer Domination Tour is compiled from the pages of Twitch where international films are a specialty. Keep up with everything around the globe by visiting Twitch on the web, finding Twitch on Facebook or following Twitch on Twitter.

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