Quick Hits: Justin Lin Back for Fast Six, Step Up 4 and Seven Samurai Remake Get Directors and R.I.P. to Conan O’Brien’s Beard

Quick Hits: Justin Lin Back for Fast Six, Step Up 4 and Seven Samurai Remake Get Directors and R.I.P. to Conan O’Brien’s Beard

May 04, 2011

As the sun sets on Hollywood, we take a look at some news makers of the day.

Justin Lin to Return for Fast Six
Fresh off the record-breaking opening weekend for Fast Five, USA Today reports that Universal has wasted no time in locking in Justin Lin to direct Vin Diesel and crew for a sixth (and presumably final) Fast and the Furious movie. Lin stated that, “it’s pretty much 100 percent going to happen.” Diesel echoed the statement saying, “I thought of it as three stories. The one you saw (Fast Four), this one (Fast Five) and final one (Fast Six).” As a hint of where Fast Six will take place, Diesel said, “I think we’ll be in Europe in the last one.” Who’s up for some racing on the Autobahn?

The Seven Samurai Gets Its Director
The Weinstein Company has picked their director in remaking what many consider to be one of the greatest movies ever made, Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai. Scott Mann, whose previous credits include the action-thriller The Tournament and the 2004 TV documentary Celebrities Exposed, will be helming this project. The remake moves the action to a town in Northern Thailand that recruits seven paramilitary contractors from around the world to defend it from an imminent attack. Young Guns scribe John Fusco writes and Kurosawa’s son Hisao is producing along with the Weinsteins. The remake is tentatively scheduled for a 2014 release date.

Step Up 4 Gets It’s Director
If you can’t get enough of the Step Up franchise, you’re in luck. A fourth movie, titled Step Up 4Ever, will be dancing into theaters next year and has added Scott Speer as director. The franchise has been a launching pad for showbiz careers including Channing Tatum from the first film and director Jon Chu who went on to bring us the Justin Bieber 3D concert movie. This will be the first feature film Speer directs.

R.I.P. Conan O’Brien’s Beard
It’s been almost a year since Conan O’Brien started growing his beard. Last night, the comedian, with the help of Will Ferrell and his “shaver powered by pure righteousness,” shed the scruff. Check out the video along with Ferrell’s various shaving options and reading material.

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