Quick Hits: Fright Night Remake Pics, New Amityville Horror, and More MIB3 Woes

Quick Hits: Fright Night Remake Pics, New Amityville Horror, and More MIB3 Woes

May 11, 2011

The first batch of images from the Fright Night remake remake have hit online, including a look at David Tennant in the full makeup.

Leatherface 3D isn't the only unnecessary horror sequel to a respected franchise to move forward: Hannibal Classics will soon be developing The Amityville Legacy 3D.

Oren Peli will next produce an untitled horror flick about a people stranded in a ghost town that has been overrun by nature.

Apparently Will Smith's trailer on the set of Men in Black 3 is pissing off NYC residents. Can't imagine why considering it's only two stories tall, has 22 wheels, is 1,150 square feet on the inside and has its own screening room.

Speaking of MIB3, The Daily Mail has a bunch of photos from the set, including a snap of Bill Hader as Andy Warhol. [via Cinemablend]

Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth are set to star in Black Rock, a thriller from The Freebie director Katie Aselton written by Mark Duplass.

Darth Vader has made an official announcement that the long-wanted enemy of the Galactic Empire, Obi-Wan Kenobi, has been killed in a firefight.

The Weinstein Company has picked up distribution rights to badass martial artist Donnie Yen's latest movie, Dragon (Wu Xia). Hopefully TWC doesn't sit on this release, which is what they tend to do with most Asian acquisitions.

Speaking of Asian acquisitions, Samuel Goldwyn Films has snapped up US rights to Sacrifice, a period-piece about an infant who is raised to get revenge on the general that killed his entire family.

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