Quick Hits: Dark Little Mermaid Remake, Unofficial Looks at New Three Stooges, Wonder Woman

Quick Hits: Dark Little Mermaid Remake, Unofficial Looks at New Three Stooges, Wonder Woman

May 24, 2011

The LA Times brings us our first look at Jack Black in BernieRichard Linklater's new comedy about a mortician in Texas.

JJ Abrams' untitled Star Trek sequel is moving toward production despite not having an actual script.  Roberto Orci tells TrekMovie.com that they're prepping based on a detailed, 70-page outline and once Abrams is clear of Super 8, then they'll finish the script.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who is amazing in the BBC series Sherlock, has landed a role in The Hobbit.  And speaking of Peter Jackson's return to middle earth, an on-set accident resulting in a small explosion has left two unidentified crew members rattled with "mild burns but nothing serious."

Slashfilm has gathered together a number of pictures from the sets of Rock of Ages and The Three Stooges.  Guess which one this one is from:

THR is reporting that a dark twist on The Little Mermaid is being set up at Sony by the team responsible for Country Strong.  This new version, oh-so-subtly titled Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale, is about a princess who tries to marry a price only to learn that she already has competition in the form of a mermaid that "has sacrificed everything to be with him."

Fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs prepare for disappointment: the long awaited John Carter of Mars, directed by Andrew Stanton, has just undergone a title circumcision and is now to be known by the much flatter John Carter.  Nice one, Disney.

Hey look, it's non-Hunger Games related Jennifer Lawrence news!  She will star in the directorial debut of Sissy Spacek, Sweet Tea.

And finally, because NBC decided its new Wonder Woman show wouldn't see primetime, AICN has decided to share a previously unseen picture of star Adrianne Palicki wearing the more traditional WW garb:

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