Watch: We Go Deep Inside 'The Purge: Breakout,' a Different Kind of Haunted House

Watch: We Go Deep Inside 'The Purge: Breakout,' a Different Kind of Haunted House

Jun 17, 2014

In the near future, the New Founding Fathers of America institute a nationwide event called The Purge, a 12-hour period that begins on March 21 at 7 p.m. and wraps up the next morning during which all crime is legal. Some use the Purge for what it’s made for, as an opportunity to “release the beast” and kill for catharsis while others rush home, lock up tight and do what they can to survive the night.

In the sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, we meet a group of people who plan on laying low, but, for various reasons, wind up stranded on the streets, totally defenseless. Think you’d manage to make it through the night? Find out by stepping into Universal Pictures and Blumhouse’s traveling Purge-themed event, "The Purge: Breakout."

Per usual, there are loads of masked crazies running around taking advantage of their right to purge, but the sequel also introduces a new threat – Big Daddy, an enormous, machine gun-wielding badass who hangs out in the back of a semitruck and showers victims with bullets from there. When you step into the pair of trailers that make up "The Purge: Breakout" experience, you’re really stepping into Big Daddy’s house and the goal is to get out alive before the Purge commences and he comes up from his basement to make you his first kill of the night.

We got the chance to step into Big Daddy’s house ourselves and can confirm that it’s not easy to get out. This isn’t a haunted house where you make your way through while people jump up and scare you. In order to get from one room to the next, you need to find clues and figure out what to do with them first--and it ain't easy. 

Check out what happened when we tried to play Big Daddy’s game in the video below and if you think you can do better, click here to find out when and where you can give it a go.




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