Watch Quentin Tarantino Discuss the Deleted Scenes in 'Pulp Fiction'

Watch Quentin Tarantino Discuss the Deleted Scenes in 'Pulp Fiction'

Dec 31, 2013


The Library of Congress just announced the movie titles that will be added to the National Film Registry to be preserved for their cultural, historical or cinematic significance. One of the 25 films belongs to Quentin Tarantino: Pulp Fiction. The Library welcomed the director’s highly stylized and violent tale as it marks a milestone in independent cinema — and well, because it’s fun to watch.

With a new book just released about Pulp Fiction’s impact on the history of cinema, celebrating the film’s innovative cinematography, use of dialogue and structure, the time seems ripe to revisit the movie. What better way to do that than by first watching a 20-minute introduction by the maestro himself about some of the film’s deleted scenes? You’ve already replayed the movie a dozen or more times (and if you haven’t then you’re probably visiting the wrong website), so dig into this alternate look at Tarantino’s magnum opus. 


[Spotted via Filmmaker IQ]




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