Public Service: Public Enemies on Blu-ray is Priced to be a Steal

Public Service: Public Enemies on Blu-ray is Priced to be a Steal

Oct 15, 2009

If you live in a Blu state like Blu-ray Bob, you’re probably aggravated by paying $10 more than Standard-Def Sally picks up the same movie on DVD for a bargain. Ah, the price of being future forward. All is not lost, my high-def friends—when Universal releases Michael Mann’s Public Enemies on December 8, the studio is pricing the two-DVD special edition at $34.98 and the Blu-ray at $36.98.

So what do you get for two bucks? A lot more than a dubious bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s, that’s for sure. Both the DVD and BD of the Depression-era crime thriller starring Johnny Depp as real-life bank robber John Dillinger and Christian Bale as the FBI agent in pursuit contain five featurettes, including “On Dillinger’s Trail: The Real Locations” and “Last of the Legendary Outlaws.” Even the single-disc DVD will contain commentary by Mann and the “Larger Than Life” featurette, as will the special edition DVD set and the Blu-ray. The BD ups the ante with an iPhone app and Mobile-to-Go, the latter of which lets users add more bonus features to their devices. The Blu-ray also has BD-Live access with My Scenes Sharing and a Gangster Movie Challenge, plus a superior 1080p picture and more robust sound. To get all that for two bucks more in these sour economic times is highway robbery. Somewhere, Dillinger is tipping his hat.

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