See Who's Playing Norman Bates in the New 'Psycho' TV Series

See Who's Playing Norman Bates in the New 'Psycho' TV Series

Sep 17, 2012

We've been seeing a slew of film-centric stories hit the small screen lately. Thomas Harris' screen-adapted tales Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs are being reworked for an NBC production; HBO's The Girl tells the story of the tumultuous, obsessive relationship Alfred Hitchcock had with starlet Tippi Hedren; and Bravo will be turning 1980's cult classic Heathers into a series. Those are just a few of the film-to-TV projects currently underway, but now Deadline brings news about A&E's Psycho prequel series, Bates Motel. The show is set to examine the twisted, morbid relationship that series killer Norman Bates had with his mother, Norma. We've known for a few weeks that Safe House star Vera Farmiga will be playing Norman's cruel mama, but A&E has finally found their stunted slasher. 

Freddie Highmore, who played the titular kindhearted kid with big dreams in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, will be transforming into the cross-dressing man-child with mommy issues for the series. It's a dramatic switch from the please-may-I-have-more-porridge child he used to be, but we're excited to see how the English actor pulls it off. He has a certain disheveled slightness that should work in his favor.

If you haven't seen Psycho (and you really need to, so go watch it immediately), guard your eyes for a moment while we remind you that after Normie's father died, he grew uncomfortably close to mom. Eventually she met a new man, but Normie's wounded psyche just couldn't handle it. He murdered his mother and her lover during a jealous rage. After the grisly deed was done, he felt guilty and resurrected mum's corpse, taking on her personality by imitating her voice, dress and demeanor.

Let us know if you think Highmore is a great fit for the fractured, homicidal caretaker of the Bates Motel below.

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