Psychedelic 'Batman' Stage Show Hitting US, Watch a Real-Life Batman Save Brazil & A Cut of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Finally Exists

Psychedelic 'Batman' Stage Show Hitting US, Watch a Real-Life Batman Save Brazil & A Cut of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Finally Exists

Mar 19, 2012


If you like your Batman experience with "giant Joker heads with teeth made of people, neon bo staff battles, shiny costumes, and a sleek Batmobile," then a new, live stage show featuring the Caped Crusader was made for you. The psychedelic-looking production has been making the rounds across Latin America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Now Batman Live will make its North American debut on September 5 in Anaheim, California at the Honda Center before touring St. Paul, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Rio Rancho, Colorado Springs, and Loveland. It's an all-ages spectacle that producer Nick Grace says will feature stunts, pyrotechnics, illusions, and video sequences. He promises the DC superhero will not be singing and dancing — or even crippling audience members like that Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark fiasco did. "This is not a musical but a live show with a thrilling Batman story, filled with action that appeals to adults, teenagers, kids, and families," Grace shared. Visit the Batman Live website to get more info, and let us know if you survive the experience without breaking any legs. [Comics Alliance]



A retired police officer — André Luiz Pinheiro — takes to the streets, working with children and teaching them the difference between right and wrong in Taubaté, Brazil. The town is crime-ridden, but thankfully residents have their own personal superhero to keep watch over things. The crimefighter helps raise awareness about drug trafficking and visits schools — and yes he does it all while wearing a Batman costume. Watch the inspiring clip below, and send positive thoughts to this guy while he does his thing in what looks like a place that has seen better days. [via io9]



The Dark Knight Rises soon. We've seen bazillions of set photos, we've speculated about what things might be like, and now word comes that director Christopher Nolan finally has a rough cut of the film completed. THR reports that the filmmaker presented the highly anticipated film to the head honchos at Warner Bros. last Friday — including chief Jeff Robinov and production president Greg Silverman. The movie opens in theaters on July 20, but the big summer film event has been a long time in the making. It opens a week post Comic-Con (THR mentions the other Batman movies opened beforehand), so hopefully that means something drop dead amazing will happen at the geeky convention to delight fans. Either way, we're thrilled to finally set eyes on this thing.

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