Image of the Day: A Stunning Shot of the Prometheus Entering Atmosphere

Image of the Day: A Stunning Shot of the Prometheus Entering Atmosphere

Mar 21, 2012

A funny thing happened last week. The movieverse exploded in reaction to a trio of new trailers for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which subsequently caused Twitter to explode with people complaining that the trailers were too spoilery. And that's something that always amuses me. I tend to agree that marketing these days does fans a disservice by revealing too much, but how can you know for a sure that a trailer is in fact giving away too much unless you know the entire film?

Coincidentally, during that whole "how much is too much" debate, two trusted sources sent me messages saying that they know Prometheus from beginning to end and that every trailer so far doesn't spoil what the movie is really about, which is apparently mindblowing. They did, however, caution that Fox might be getting dangerously close to tipping their hand and releasing real spoilers, and warned that I should consider what's out there enough and stay away from future trailers. And I shall do just that.

And all of that is an overly long way of saying that the above image, taken from the Prometheus viral site, is in no way a spoiler. However, it is a gorgeous shot of the eponymous ship from the film entering the atmosphere of a planet, which is presumably the exact same airspace Sigourney Weaver and company fly through in Aliens. This is the kind of marketing I like. It tells us nothing about the content of the movie, but enough to know that there's a lot of visual splendor in store for us.

Click on the image above for a wallpaper-sized high res version, and thanks to Prometheus Movie News [via Comic Book Movie] for digging it up.

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