Image of the Day: 'Prometheus' Behind-The-Scenes Photo Reveals Unseen Alien

Image of the Day: 'Prometheus' Behind-The-Scenes Photo Reveals Unseen Alien

Jun 14, 2012

The other day we posted our Prometheus Glossary defining the key terms and ideas introduced in Ridley Scott's divisive film, and with it we shared a few concept designs that ultimately weren't used in the film. Now Prometheus Forum has posted some very detailed behind-the-scenes images revealing an alien that was intended to be in the film but was clearly cut from the theatrical version.


Obviously the below contains spoilers.


Will this "Elder Engineer," who is presumably consoling the "Sacrificial Engineer" before he takes a swig of his fatal, DNA-dispersing drink, be in a longer cut of the film on Blu-ray? Hopefully. In the mean time, head to Prometheus Forum for a bigger look at him, as well as quite a few more shots of the make-up process that brought these life-creating, life-destroying enigmas to life.

Via @JonesyCatPants.

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