'Prometheus' Deleted Scene: Watch Mankind's First Encounter with the Alien Species

'Prometheus' Deleted Scene: Watch Mankind's First Encounter with the Alien Species

Oct 02, 2012

The Blu-ray/DVD for Prometheus drops next week, and with it will come a whole ton of deleted scenes (plus an alternate opening and ending) that will hopefully fill in some of the many blanks left at the film's conclusion. We've already seen different versions of the scene where Michael Fassbender's David attempts to speak to the Engineer on behalf of an aging Peter Weyland, and now we have another deleted scene that features the team discovering alien life for the first time.

This is a scene we're actually happy to see, because in the film the ragtag team of scientists don't seem to have much of a reaction when they first stumble upon life on another planet. It's as if they expected to find living creatures there, when in reality the discovery of alien life should've been a much bigger deal to them. At the time we did not know a scene like that was shot, and while their reaction is still a bit underwhelming, at least we get some form of enthusiasm following one of the greatest discoveries of mankind.

What else didn't we see in the theatrical cut? We'll find out when Prometheus invades DVD and Blu-ray on October 9.


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