The 'Prometheus' Behind-the-Scenes Goodies Continue With More Unseen Designs

The 'Prometheus' Behind-the-Scenes Goodies Continue With More Unseen Designs

Jun 18, 2012

Before release everyone involved with Prometheus played it relatively tight lipped. As well they should have, because there's nothing worse than being shown every inch of a movie before it hits theaters. Now that it's been out in the wild for two weeks, though, everyone seems to have pretty loose lips about the entire production, especially when it comes to what didn't actually end up in the movie.

We've already shared quite a few behind-the-scenes images, but they just keep coming and we, always the sucker for quality concept art and model work, keep digging them. But before we get to the latest images of unused designs and deleted scenes, let's take a BTS look at how some of the stuff that did actually make it into the movie was made. [via Geeky Tyrant]

And here's an updated look at some of the engineers that went in front of the cameras but ended up on the cutting room floor. Had they remained in (and maybe they'll be reinsterted in a longer cut), obviously they'd have changed the tone of the opening quite a bit:

And from a deleted scene we go to the prototypes that never made it into the movie. First, two alternate looks at how Fifield would have looked had his transformation been more alien and less human:

And then we have an alternate look at the Trilobite:

And finally a look an early look at the Deacon:

All of the above images come from concept artist Ivan Manzella and you can see a whole lot more of the early designs over at Concept Art World. [via io9]

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