'Prometheus' Goodies: A New Cryptic Image and an Amazing Mashup With NBC's 'Community'

'Prometheus' Goodies: A New Cryptic Image and an Amazing Mashup With NBC's 'Community'

Mar 07, 2012

Ridley Scott's Prometheus has set its viral campaign in motion (periodically Weyland Industries for updates), and its latest yield is a new image from the film that reveals ... well, we're not entirely sure what it reveals. But that's precisely the point. It appears to be one of the crew members standing in the center of the navigation room on the Space Jockey's ship, surrounded by a 3D representation of the universe.

We can't make total sense of what it means (the larger version helps), but that's why we dig it. It's eye catching enough to get you excited, but vague enough to feel like it spoils absolutely nothing about the movie. Plus, it reminds us of the system Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone activate inside the spaceship at the bottom of the ocean in Sphere, a flick we (and by we, I mean me) have a real soft spot for.

And in unofficial Prometheus news, we have this amazing trailer mashup a fan made for the Season 3 return of NBC's Community, which re-imagines the show as a sci-fi action flick. It's amazing how well it works: [via @MikeMoody]

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