Blu News: 'Prometheus' Disc Details, Plus a Trailer for 'Roger Rabbit's 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

Blu News: 'Prometheus' Disc Details, Plus a Trailer for 'Roger Rabbit's 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

Jul 05, 2012

We've known for a while that Fox would be releasing Prometheus on Blu-ray October 9, 2012, we even knew what the cover art would look like, but we didn't know the specifics of what the disc(s) would offer fans beyond the movie. And while details of special features are great and all, the only question anyone really cared about was whether or not we'd be getting a longer, perhaps Director's Cut of Ridley Scott's latest. 

Well, now we know. This release of the movie is not a director's cut. It's not even an extended cut. There are 15 minutes of deleted scenes on the disc, but they have not been reinserted in the film.

The details below actually refer to the French release of the film [via Prometheus Forum], but don't let that worry you. It's highly unlikely that a studio as big as Fox would go to the effort of producing the below materials and not include them on all international releases. Things like packaging may change, but you can bet that the American Blu-ray will have the same deleted/alternate scenes, as well as 2 hours of behind-the-scenes featurettes.


Disc 1 (Prometheus 2D) (+150 minutes of bonuses):
On disc:
Cut scenes or alternative (15 mins)
Audio commentary by director (120 mins)
The private records of Peter Weyland, four viral videos (18 mins):
- The offer of Elizabeth Shaw
- Happy Birthday David
- Prometheus Transmission (extended version)
- The conference Weyland in 2023 (long version)
Outside the disk: Second Screen App: App iPad Control Blu-ray Remote which gives access to the archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins):
- First and final draft of the script (text)
- Sketches of Ridley Scott (photo gallery)
- The Art of Prometheus (photo gallery)
- Pre-visualization (30 mins)
- Tests of Noomi Rapace (15 mins)
- The costume design (photo gallery)
- Tests "look" of the cast (10 mins)
- Graphic Video Dashboard
- Photographs of the team
- Video of the private pilot
Production and post-release:
- Marketing Gallery

Disc 2 (Prometheus 3D):
The 3D film

Disc 3 (Bonus material):
The angry gods: how to make the Prometheus of Ridley Scott, 9 videos (120 mins):
- At the Conquest of Paradise (scenario)
- The engineering upside down (direction & design)
- The manifest human (characters & costumes)
- A nest of demons (creature design)
- A world without green spaces (Pinewood)
- Gains of chance (stunts & action)
- The beginning and end (Iceland)
- The sky on fire (visual effects)
- Prometheus without limits (post-production and theatrical release)
Units of improvement (30 mins):
- Mini-featurettes
The archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins)

So what do you say: Do the above make the Blu-ray a day one type purchase for you? Regardless of how you answer that question, perhaps we can entice you to pick up the 25th Anniversary Edition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on Blu-ray. Check out the trailer for the 2013 release below:

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