That Didn't Take Long: Kids Wreck House and Cause $500,000 Worth of Damage; Say They Were Inspired by 'Project X'

That Didn't Take Long: Kids Wreck House and Cause $500,000 Worth of Damage; Say They Were Inspired by 'Project X'

Mar 14, 2012

One of our questions for Project X screenwriter Michael Bacall in our soon-to-post interview had to do with whether he feels any responsibility as a screenwriter for the actions of dumb teenagers following a screening of Project X or 21 Jump Street. Bacall laughed, and said it's on the kids and their parents to manage their own lives responsibly, but unfortunately that's never the case. Kids are kids, and it's only a matter of time before a film like Project X -- which features one of the craziest, most destructive house parties in the history of film -- inspires a group of teenagers to recreate said party for real. In the case of this story, it took only a few weeks after the film was released in theaters.

A group of teens are accused of wrecking a house in Texas to the tune of $500,000 in damage all because of the film Project X, which they say inspired them to wreak havoc on a Houston home. 13 teens were arrested for breaking in to the vacant home, which thankfully wasn't being occupied at the time. They broke windows, doors -- you name it, they did it. Apparently the same group were also accused of breaking into another house in the neighborhood and throwing another party that caused up to $100,000 in damage.

The scene of the crime

This comes after teens in Canada tried to stage their own Project X-like party, called ProkectKris, by posting about it on Twitter. When the stunt got way out of hand, forcing police to send out warnings, the teens moved the party to an over-18 club instead.

Yeah, it's ridiculous to see this sort of thing happening, but it shouldn't be the film's fault. Kids were throwing house parties before Project X, and they'll be doing it long after the film (and its sequel) arrive on DVD. Like Bacall said in our interview (look for it soon): "Oh man, don't paint me into a natural selection conversation. I think, ultimately, the parents and the kids are responsible for their own behavior. I understand people are bound to have reactions, especially to Project X in that regard, but take responsibility for your own actions." These kids are about to do just that ... with a little jail time and some nice, hefty fines. Maybe their next party can be called Project Help Us Pay Our Parents Back for Bailing Us Out of Jail.

What do you think? Who would you blame in this situation: The kids who destroyed the house, or the movie that gave them the idea to do it in the first place? 

[via The Daily Mail]

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