Press Play: South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season Still Skewers

Press Play: South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season Still Skewers

Apr 27, 2011

This week's must-see DVD/BD, and why we're lovin' it.

What? South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season

Who? Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and featuring "celebrity voices that are impersonated...poorly."

Why? After 14 seasons on Comedy Central and a feature film in theaters, you might expect South Park and its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, to soften a bit, but the opposite has happened. Instead, South Park continues to skewer the political and pop culture phenomena that many mainstream comedies are too afraid to go anywhere near and manages to still stir up controversy.

The animation style of Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Kenny and the other South Park main players is still as crude as their mouths, but now the difference is that their adventures are widescreen and some of the monsters—including the hideous Mecha Streisand and the dark god Cthulhu—are enhanced with more sophisticated 3D animation. "Shablagoo!," as Bradley Biggle's superhero alter ego Mint-Berry Crunch says.

The centerpiece of this season is a hilarious three-episode comic book arc about Coon (Cartman's superhero alter ego) and friends, during which you get to hear Kenny actually speak in a gravelly Dark Knight voice as Mysterion and we learn why he can die over and over again and no one remembers. Another standout episode is "It's a Jersey Thing," in which the denizens of South Park must fight off the onslaught of Jerseyites invading their town, including an orange-skinned, repellant faux-Italian ogre that wants to "smoosh smoosh" named Snooki. Other highlights include Stan trying to resist Facebook and being zapped into Tron's grid to battle his rogue profile, "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs," Tom Cruise trying to harness Muhammad's power to be impervious to ridicule, and the outrageously raunchy episode in which Stan's mom, Sharon, develops a bizarrely intimate relationship with her voice-activated (and cooling-spray ejaculating) Shake Weight.

Although 13 of the 14 episodes in this set are uncensored, the episode titled "201", which Comedy Central doesn't want to air again because it pokes fun at what happens if you poke fun at Muhammad, retains the bleeps in Stan's speech at the end that is about "intimidation and fear." Parker and Stone present a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode on disc expressing their disappointment with this decision. All of this calls attention to the fact that there are enough cutesy cartoons available for the kiddies—we're thankful there is still one animated show with an unapologetically edgy approach to social satire.

What Else?: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain mini-commentaries by Parker and Stone on all episodes and deleted scenes. You'll want to check out: The bonus episode "The Coon."

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