'Sinister' Director Scores 'The Postmortal,' One of the Coolest Sci-fi Books in Recent Years

'Sinister' Director Scores 'The Postmortal,' One of the Coolest Sci-fi Books in Recent Years

Jul 30, 2013

Every now and then you stumble across a book you can't put down that you know would make a helluva movie, and is just so exciting to read that you can't help but recommend it to everyone you know. For me, that book has most recently been Drew Magary's The Postmortal, a smart, original sci-fi story about what would happen to the world if a cure for aging were ever to be discovered. It's a thrilling, brilliantly conceived story that treats immortality almost like a zombie plague from which mankind can never recover. And that's why I'm thrilled by the news that Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) has optioned the book for the big screen-- something I hoped would happen earlier this year.

Magary's story - which follows a young man who gets the cure early on, while it's still illegal, and ends up surviving far into the future and keeps a journal the entire time about everything he sees and does - provides the perfect kind of source material for a movie. The setup is inherently cinematic, but there's still enough wiggle room to improve the story for the big screen (particularly the ending). And it's filled with such rich detail that there's no need for major reworks.

There are already countless distinct, unforgettable scenes in place that - if done right - would make this an instant sci-fi classic. It's been two years since I've read The Postmortal and I still can't shake the image of a woman who gives her baby the cure so she'll stay an innocent infant forever, or the new marriage laws that passed (society really starts to second guess that "til death do us part" thing), or the gangs that emerge to troll the immortal by throwing acid into their faces so they have to live with the scars forever. 

Of course, all Derrickson has done is laid claim to the movie for an undisclosed amount of time. This doesn't mean The Postmortal is going to get made as soon as possible (Derrickson is off directing Beware the Night right now and has Deus Ex on deck) or that Derrickson would even direct it himself, but it is a good sign for fans of the book that he's involved. Here's to hoping it does see the light of day, because it'd be a shame if Magary's ideas were never realized on the big screen.


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