Poster-Crop Quiz: The Movies of Matthew McConaughey

Poster-Crop Quiz: The Movies of Matthew McConaughey

Apr 26, 2013

Alright, alright, alright. It's time for another far out Poster-Crop Quiz. This week we've decided to focus on a gargantuan celebrity who happens to have a new movie opening this week. A man whose very name carries with it visions of thrilling action and explosive entertainment. That man of course is Matthew McConaughey.

In honor of this Texas boy's latest film, Mud, we thought we'd round up posters from some of our favorite McConaughey films and give 'em the ol' snip job. See if you are eagle-eyed enough to identify them from their cropped images. The first person to name all 10 in the comment section below will get a shout out in next week's quiz. You may not decipher all of the cropped posters, but it'd be a whole lot cooler if you did.

One of the many films that comprised the recent McConaughey comeback was William Friedkin's Killer Joe. The film, and the role, not only redefined our perception of Matthew McConaughey, but also made us rethink the ingestion of fried chicken.

Last week's answers: Inception, Equilibrium, Metropolis, Primer, Frequency, Looper, Moon, Brazil, Gattaca, RoboCop.












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