Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Vin Diesel Movies?

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Vin Diesel Movies?

Sep 05, 2013

Oil those brain muscles, internet action heroes, because it's time for another Poster-Crop Quiz. This week, we're honoring our favorite three-letter word: Vin. With the release of Riddick on the horizon, we wanted to pay homage to the head-shaven, gravely-voiced action icon that is Vin Diesel. We've assembled posters from a few of his previous films and furiously cropped them down to size. See if you can identify the posters from their cut down images and leave your guesses in the comment section. The first person to name all ten posters will receive a shout-out in next week's quiz...and will also never have to watch XXX: State of the Union again.

To start things off, it seemed entirely appropriate to feature the sci-fi-tastic theatrical poster for The Chronicles of Riddick. Seriously, why do people keep messing with this freaking Furyan? Do they never learn?

Last week's answers: Gone in 60 Seconds, The Blues Brothers, Death Proof, The Road Warrior, Matrix Reloaded, Bullit, Ronin, Fast Five, The French Connection, The Rock. Congrats to Paul, last week's champion. 












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