Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Sports Movies Based on Real-Life Athletes?

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Sports Movies Based on Real-Life Athletes?

Apr 10, 2013

Alright sports fans, lllllllllet's get ready to quiiiiiiiiiiz!!!! This week's Poster-Crop Quiz embraces the spirit of athletic competition. That is to say, it celebrates those magnificent films based on the greatest of real-life sports stories. We've drafted a roster of 10 posters from sports cinema's all stars. Though cropping these posters almost beyond recognition may not be in the standard playbook, we're looking to separate the rookies from the old pros here. See if you can identify all the films by their cut-down images. The first person to correctly name all 10 in the comment section will receive a shout-out in next week's quiz. Grab your helmets, your hockey sticks, your catcher's mitts and play ball! Oh, and then figure out which sport you're actually playing, because you look ridiculous.

Caption: To throw out the first pitch (again, which sport are we playing?), we thought it best to feature the theatrical poster for Cool Runnings. A sports story we may not have remembered when it was unfolding in real time, but one we'll never forget thanks to its film canonization. Who wants to kiss the egg?

Last week's answers: The Thing, The Fly, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Ring, Dawn of the Dead, Psycho, The Wicker Man, Halloween, The Hitcher, Black Christmas. Congrats to last week's eagle eye, Daniel Howat!












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