Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies Starring 'Expendables 3' Cast Members?

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies Starring 'Expendables 3' Cast Members?

Aug 15, 2014

Lock and load, readers, it's time for an insanely action-packed Poster-Crop Quiz! We're blowing the doors off in honor of The Expendables 3 and have put together a quiz so brimming with high-octane awesome that it might just punch through your computer screen.

The Expendables is a franchise all about striving to host as many action-movie icons as humanly possible... oh, and also now Kelsey Grammer for some reason. Therefore, we have assembled posters for the newest additions to the franchise who will make their debut in this installment. We then let that box of posters near a frag grenade and, well, you know that old story. See if you can identify the posters from their cropped images below.

Just a heads up, some of these folks have multiple posters featured. The first person to correctly name all 10 posters will receive a shout-out in next week's quiz. It's the Internet equivalent of slowly walking away from an explosion.

What better way to start us off than by taking a gander at the poster for the first Expendables. Well, we should say "a" poster for the Expendables, since there were as many different versions used for marketing as there were '80s action icons in the film itself.

Last week's answers: Army of Darkness, Weird Science, Back to the Future, Spaceballs, Big Trouble in Little China, Mars Attacks, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Ghostbusters.

Congrats to Grimwolf, last week's ace. 















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