Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Blumhouse Movies?

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Blumhouse Movies?

Feb 27, 2015

Turn off the lights and lock your doors, it's time for another Poster-Crop Quiz! This week's quiz is so specific, it's scary. In honor of The Lazarus Effect, we're celebrating prolific producer Jason Blum. Blumhouse Productions has been behind many of the most successful horror films of the last eight years. We've gathered posters from ten Blumhouse productions and let a malevolent, unseen entity sink its claws into them.

See if you can identify the posters from the cropped remains, leaving your guesses in the comment section below. The first person to correctly name all ten will receive a shout-out in next week's quiz. Warning: Shout-outs will not protect you from ghosts, demons, witches, or any other evil beings.

Just when you think you've got Blum pegged, he steps way outside his wheelhouse and produces Whiplash! That means Whiplash's poster, pictured here, COULD have had the caption "from the producer of Insidious and The Purge."

Last week's answers: Step Brothers, Get on Up, Kick-Ass, Pain & Gain, Zoom, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Croods, Pineapple Express, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

Congrats to last week's ace, Wiirdguy112!











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