The Ultimate Poster Crop Quiz #1: Spaceships!

The Ultimate Poster Crop Quiz #1: Spaceships!

Apr 13, 2012

It's tough to come up with a new idea in the movie blog business, so I've done the next best thing: I took something old, and I made it slightly more difficult. My initial plan was to post simple screen-shots, but tons of other websites do that (and do it well), so instead I went with segments of movie posters. Snipped out, blown up, and presented here for your entertainment. A few should be easy and hopefully a few be head-scratchers, but I think you'll notice a common theme pretty quickly.

The first person to get all ten answers right (in the comments section below) will earn a few shout-outs on twitter from me and Erik Davis and Peter Hall! Lucky! Also, please let us know on twitter if you actually dig this sort of stuff. (I really want to know how easy this first batch was.) Hopefully we'll be back next week with another quiz.











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