Nerd Watch: 'Portal' Fan Film Shows Us a Video Game Adaptation We Actually Want to See

Nerd Watch: 'Portal' Fan Film Shows Us a Video Game Adaptation We Actually Want to See

Aug 24, 2011

These video game adaptations certainly have their fans (or else we wouldn't have six Resident Evil movies), but you have to admit we haven't received a video game adaptation that truly rocks our socks off. Perhaps they're not adapting the right games, or maybe they are ... just not in the right way. Whatever it is, the fact remains that a lot of these games have massive fanbases, and all Hollywood needs to do is figure out a way to harness that fan power.

Perhaps they can start by examining short fan films like this one, from commercial director (and Totally Rad Show co-host) Dan Trachtenberg, for the game Portal. Titled Portal: No Escape, Trachtenberg shows what it looks like when a little money and and some unique ideas are injected into an existing sci-fi premise that's just itching for the big-screen treatment.

The game itself requires the player to solve puzzles via a device that allows one to teleport through inter-spacial portals between two flat planes. Trachtenberg takes that idea and runs with it, incorporating some of the actual puzzles from the game while really bringing the world to life in a fun, creative way that cries out for more.

It's a cool idea that would need a lot more to sustain an entire feature-length film, but damn the action scenes could look so cool. Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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