Quick Poll: Which Superhero Deserves His/Her Own Movie Already?

Quick Poll: Which Superhero Deserves His/Her Own Movie Already?

May 01, 2012

Not counting the teams of Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and The X-Men (and Mystery Men!), we've still got a whole lot of superhero cinema to sift through. Daredevils and Elektras; Ghost Riders and Catwomen; men who are Super, Bat, and Spider... Basically we're in the middle of a superhero movie renaissance, and I'm all for it. But what about the missing men and women of the four-panel pages? Sure it's great that Hulk has a TV series, three movies, and a lot more on the way ... but what about Hawkman? Green Arrow? Plastic Man? Ant-Man? The Flash!

And freaking Wonder Woman?!? Frankly I'm amazed that the world's most well-known superheroine hasn't landed her own movie deal yet. That's just weak on numerous levels.

So instead of just opening the question to twitter, which is what I normally do without even thinking, I brought the idea here. I can post nifty photos here. Your mission, should you choose to etc., is to hit us up at @moviesdotcom and yell out your favorite movie-less superheroes. All picks are valid, obviously, unless you say something like "Iron Man," because that'd be just plain old dumb.

ANSWER NOW (or when you get a minute)!!!!

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