'Salt' Scribe Penning 'Point Break' Remake

'Salt' Scribe Penning 'Point Break' Remake

Sep 13, 2011

It's gotten to the point where we can't even feign surprise at movie remake news anymore. What's that? Alcon Entertainment is remaking Mannequin, Red Heat, and Newsies? Sure, why not? Fine, we don't have those new remake classics to announce just yet, but we do know for sure (thanks to Deadline) that the aforementioned movie company is damn intent on remaking Kathryn Bigelow's fan-favorite Point Break.

No director is on board yet, but we do know two things: a) that the script comes from Kurt Wimmer, he of Salt, Ultraviolet, and Equilibrium, and b) that said script will remove all the surfing stuff from the concept and replace it with something focused on "extreme sports." Apparently the whole "FBI guy infiltrates a gang of athletic bank robbers" chestnut is still intact. Otherwise it wouldn't be a "remake," silly.

While the legions of Point Break fans may love or loathe this new development, the remakers themselves seem predictably cheery: Apparently Point Break "wasn’t just a film, it was a Zen meditation on testosterone fueled action and manhood in the late 20th century," at least according to effusive remake producer Michael DeLuca. The italics are mine but the silliness is for everyone.

As for the writer of the original Point Break, W. Peter Iliff did not have this to say: "Cool! Free money!" (At least nowhere on the record.) More news on the inevitably pizazzy Point Break reboot as it becomes available. (Probably written by someone else.)

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