Watch: 'Plot Device' is the Latest Short Film to Buzz Around Hollywood

Watch: 'Plot Device' is the Latest Short Film to Buzz Around Hollywood

Jul 18, 2011

Still from Seth Worley's short Plot Device

Seth Worley is living the Hollywood dream. A relative unknown a few weeks ago, the fledgling filmmaker is now the talk of the town thanks to his short film/product promo Plot Device. The micro film has industry execs so excited that Worley is set to head to Tinseltown to meet with agents and producers. Not bad for a guy who was working in Nashville as a producer of videos for things like business conferences earlier this year.

Made as a promotional video for Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Suite 11 (a program for color correction in film), Worley’s ten minute short is so good that you almost don’t realize it’s promoting a product. When aspiring filmmaker Ben (Worley’s real life brother Ben Worley) orders a product called “Plot Device” on Amazon, what arrives looks like a giant D cell battery with a button on top. Pressing the plunger sends our hero into a world inspired by movies – and Ben has to keep “jumping” through genres (it has a sort of Quantum Leap vibe) in the hopes he can finally get back home.

The short is well shot (with a Spielbergian influence. Worley loves Jurassic Park – there’s an opening shot of a toy T-Rex. A later scene features a toy great white shark) and funny. It’s hard to believe they only spent $10,000 to make it (the crew was paid in free software according to THR). The writing is equally good – especially when poking fun at buddy action flicks and film noir. It’s pretty easy to see why Hollywood wants to meet with this guy.

Worley landed the Red Giant gig thanks to another indie effort – a fan film he made based on Lost. If Plot Device is indicative of what the filmmaker can do with a tiny budget, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with when given access to a studio’s bank account. Until then, check out Plot Device below and see what has Hollywood talent scouts rushing to lock this guy up. 

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