'Terminator: Genesis' Update: More Plot Details and Casting News Revealed

'Terminator: Genesis' Update: More Plot Details and Casting News Revealed

Mar 26, 2014

Terminator 2

After the letdown that was Terminator: Salvation, I’m still not entirely sold on the idea of yet another Terminator movie being in production. However, given some recent revelations about casting and how the aging of star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be worked into the narrative, I’m starting to come around.

On the Terminator: Genesis casting front, THR’s Borys Kit took to Twitter to report that Attack the Block star John Boyega is up for a leading role in the new film. Boyega, as you may recall, is also allegedly one of the finalists for a major role in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, which means it’s nice someone in Hollywood finally realized this kid can act.

The Terminator role would find Boyega playing the son of Miles Dyson (see image below from T2), one of the architects behind the whole Skynet project that led to Judgment Day. We actually see Dyson’s young son in Terminator 2, so it’s not a completely out-of-left-field plot element.

Unfortunately, with each of the films shooting soon, Boyega can’t take both of these major roles. Having to potentially choose between Star Wars and a new Terminator is a tough call, but if Star Wars falls through, Terminator would still make a pretty solid consolation prize.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger is out talking about the new film on MTV and the Nerdist podcast, and he explains a bit about how the reboot/sequel will handle the fact that he’s significantly older than he was when the first film was made.

“The director wants me to be exactly the same as I was in 1984. Because the person — I have human flesh, underneath is a metal skeleton — but the human flesh ages just like everyone else does. The skeleton doesn’t change. So it has to be the same body, physically the same thing, even though you may have show a little grey and all those things… So it’s very important that now I step it up with the workout.

I [need to] gain an extra five to seven pounds of pure muscle and get that body back that I had then so we can switch from Terminator to the character I play now, kind of a Terminator-protector character, so we can switch back and forth to a 25-year-old versus a 35-year-old versus a 55-year-old, when it’s in the future of 2029. So all of this and then play around with it, the body will stay the same but the makeup will change and the hair will change.”

He expands on this a bit for MTV:

“The way that the character is written, it’s a machine underneath. It’s this metal skeleton. But above that is human flesh. And the Terminator’s flesh ages, just like any other human being’s flesh. Maybe not as fast. But it definitely ages… Terminator deals a lot with time travel, so there will be a younger T-800, and then what that model does later on when it gets reprogrammed, and who gets ahold of him. So it will be all kinds of interesting twists in the movie, but I feel so good.”

To me, this seems like the best way to handle the whole age-discrepancy thing between this entry and the earlier films. There’s no perfect way to deal with it, but I suspect this will work out pretty well, particularly given the amount of CGI and stuff they can use to help sell the illusion. Listen to Arnold explain it all in the MTV interview below.

What do you guys think? Does the potential casting of Boyega and Arnold’s new plot reveals have you more interested in Terminator: Genesis, or will it take more to win you over? [via /Film]





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