Planet Progress or Bust

Planet Progress or Bust

Aug 03, 2009

Dance Flick Main 1

Did you know someone who was still rewinding rental VHS tapes well into the 2000s after everyone else had switched to DVD? Have you hopped into a friend’s car that inexplicably still had a tape deck instead of a CD player or an iPod jack? Sometimes you just want to grab the world by the neck, shake it around a bit and scream into its uncomprehending face, “Evolve, damn you!” In 2009, Blu-ray Bob cannot fathom why someone who invested in a big-screen HDTV would slum it with plain old DVDs instead of enjoying high-definition Blu-rays, but some people must be dragged kicking and screaming to Planet Progress. At least one studio is taking measures with select Blu-ray titles to encourage consumers to make the next step in technological evolution. Paramount will release its Dance Flick BD on September 8 but won’t release the DVD for sale until up to eight weeks later. If Paramount and other studios experiment with this strategy long enough, people unconvinced that there is anything better than blowing up a standard-definition DVD to a 73-inch LCD might be pressured into giving Blu-ray a try. If they're stubborn and resist that idea, they’ll have to wait weeks to buy an inferior quality DVD. Would you wait an extra eight weeks to get the new album by your favorite band on cassette tape? Didn’t think so.

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