Quck Hits: Star Wars Live Action TV Show News, Transformers 3 Images and Pixar's Planes Trailer

Quck Hits: Star Wars Live Action TV Show News, Transformers 3 Images and Pixar's Planes Trailer

Jun 13, 2011

Looking to catch up on today's movie news? Check it ...

-- In an interview with Czech Position Star Wars producer Rick McCallum dished on the live-action Star Wars show that's been in the works for years now, confirming that 50 third-draft scripts are written, but because there's so much digital effects work involved (especially for a TV show), they need to wait 3-4 more years so that it becomes cheaper to produce. In the meantime, here's how he describes the show (which takes place between Star Wars Episodes III and IV, but doesn't feature any of the characters we know in a large capacity): "Basically, it is like ‘The Godfather’; it’s the Empire slowly building up its power base around the galaxy, what happens in Coruscant, which is the major capital, and it’s [about] a group of underground bosses who live there and control drugs, prostitution." [via Slashfilm]

-- No huge surprise here, but Jon Favreau has announced that Cowboys and Aliens will have its premiere at San Diego Comic-Con.

-- The Weinstein Co. has announced that they'll distribute Madonna's W.E., which marks the second time the singer-actress has stepped behind the camera. The film stars Abbie Cornish, Oscar Isaac, James D’Arcy, Andrea Riseborough, Natalie Dormer, Richard Coyle, James Fox, and Laurence Fox, and follows two love stories -- one that tracks a love affair between King Edward VIII and an American divorcee, and another that's set in the late-90s.

-- Check out video of a dude in China who decided to randomly surprise his co-workers by going into the office dressed as Iron Man.

-- Disney has announced a new animated film called Wreck-It Ralph, about a video game bad guy (voiced by John C. Reilly) who longs to be a good guy. Jack McBrayer and Sarah Silverman co-star, and it arrives in theaters on November 2nd, 2012.

-- The first trailer for Martin Scorsese's Hugo Cabaret will arrive in front of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

-- DVD/Blu-ray Announcements: The Beaver arrives on August 23rd, while Paul is set to hit on August 9th.

-- Kim Cattrall says Sex and the City 3 probably won't happen. Phew.

-- Here's the teaser trailer for Planes, the straight-to-DVD spin-off of Cars, which sees its sequel arrive in theaters later this month.

-- A few new stills from Transformers: Dark of the Moon have arrived online. Check out four of them below.


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