Pixar's 'Up' in Real Life: Couple Buys 'Up' House, But Now One Villainous Neighbor Wants it Destroyed

Pixar's 'Up' in Real Life: Couple Buys 'Up' House, But Now One Villainous Neighbor Wants it Destroyed

Dec 07, 2011

For those who haven't been quietly following the story of the Up house that was built in a suburb outside Salt Lake City, Utah, we'll quickly catch you up by telling you that, yes, an exact replica of the house from Pixar's Up was built in Utah, with the developer putting it on the market for $400,000. Thousands flocked to the house to visit and take pictures, with newspapers doling out photo spreads, video interviews with the folks who built it -- the whole nine. Then, just recently, a Pixar-loving couple decided to purchase the house and fulfill their dreams of being the real-life Carl and Ellie, who grow old in a home they adore.

And our story would've ended there -- as our couple settles into their new Pixar digs, ready to make the rest of their dreams a reality -- only that's sadly not the case. As if ripped right from the pages of the Up script, some people aren't so pleased with the happy little Up house and they want it destroyed! Well, not really destroyed as in torn down -- they just want it painted to an earth-tone color like all the other houses in the neighborhood.

Yup, those pesky, Pixar-hatin' neighbors have complained, saying that the new owners must abide by the homeowners association rules which state that they need to abide by certain paint colors on the outside of the house. Essentially, any color that makes it look boring, stale and just like every other house -- because, ya know, we want our children growing up in a neighborhood that promotes individuality and stuff. Some neighbors think the house looks delightful and adds flavor to the neighborhood, though others -- like neighbor Josh Bohrn -- are against it, and want the house painted immediately.

Owner Cliff Hamblin says he hopes the homeowners association makes an exception here, though if they don't he won't put up a big stink because he just wants to fit in and not ruffle feathers. The alternative? Tie a bunch of balloons to the roof and sail off to a land that's not against certain paint colors.

[via The Daily What]

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