Watch: Pixar Reveals a Few of the Easter Eggs Hidden in Its Movies

Watch: Pixar Reveals a Few of the Easter Eggs Hidden in Its Movies

Apr 16, 2014

Pixar ballIf you’re a hard-core Pixar fan, then you no doubt realize the animation studio loves to put little Easter eggs into each and every one of its movies. These hidden nods to earlier films delight those who catch them, even if they’re not integral to the stories being told.

Pixar has been doing this for years, but it’s only now that it has started chronicling them for the public. This new video, starring Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, reveals some of the hidden delights from movies like Up, Cars and Ratatouille. It’s by no means all inclusive – which is a minor disappointment – but maybe the studio will make more of these cool little videos if fans like this one.

Things kick off with the Luxo Jr. ball, then move on to grape soda, and lots of other classic Pixar elements. It’s a fun way spend a few minutes, and will almost assuredly inspire new viewers to join in the hunt for other hidden things Pixar’s body of work.

Check out the clip for yourself below. What’s your favorite Pixar Easter egg of all time?

[via Cinemablend]




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