Meet the Old (and New) Characters Featured in Pixar's 'Monsters University'

Meet the Old (and New) Characters Featured in Pixar's 'Monsters University'

Oct 29, 2012

Monsters U character art Sulley

Last time we had an update on Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. prequel Monster University, it involved the studio releasing a mock viral website for the college campus.

While today’s update isn’t nearly as brilliant, it does give us our first look at some of the CG characters featured in the upcoming film. Pixar has released character art featuring stars Sulley and Mike, as well as supporting characters like Don, Squishy, Art and conjoined monsters Terri and Terry.

The new film takes place before Monsters, Inc. and highlights how Mike and Sulley went from intensely disliking each other to becoming the best of pals. It features voice work from Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Dave Foley.

If you haven’t already enrolled in Monster University, there’s still plenty of time to sign up. Classes don’t begin until June 21 – and we’re sure there’s going to be a branch campus at a theater near you.

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Monsters U Character art Mike

Monsters U character art

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