Image of the Day: If 'Cars' and 'Star Wars' Had a Baby

Image of the Day: If 'Cars' and 'Star Wars' Had a Baby

Feb 22, 2012

We're fans of fun fan art around these parts, we've got no shame in that. Today's share, though, is a little rarer than the normal mash-up because it was created by an actual artist involved with one of the companies. His name is Andrew Chesworth, he works at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and last year he created Pixar Wars to imagine what it might look like if everyone's favorite animation studio hooked up with the biggest property people love to hate.

And though we think the above image is cute, in a refreshing way we're very glad that all it ever will be is fan art. We love Pixar and we love Star Wars, but the idea of X-Wings with googly eyes as an actual movie pushes just a little too forceful on the adorable button.

[via Neatorama]

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