Today's Big Movie Rumor: Is Pixar Making an Animated 'Star Wars' Movie?

Today's Big Movie Rumor: Is Pixar Making an Animated 'Star Wars' Movie?

Jan 23, 2014

Star Wars The Clone WarsOnce the dust settled in the wake of Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, many movie geeks sat back and started thinking about all the possibilities for the future. One of the most intriguing of the bunch was the idea that maybe the House of Mouse would farm out some work in a “galaxy far, far, away” to its friends over at Pixar. Well, according to Latino review, that’s what’s happening now.

With work already underway on Star Wars: Episode VII, and several other projects in various stages of development, LR’s sources say that Disney has given Pixar the opportunity to add its own animated tale to Lucas’ universe.

Of course, every good movie rumor comes with naysayers – and the folks over at Bleeding Cool are disputing these reports. Given that the Latino Review piece has little in the way of detail beyond “Disney is getting Pixar to make an animated Star Wars film!”, BC took it upon itself to do a little investigating.

Its conclusion is that Disney is very much interested in making animated Star Wars films – which makes sense because Disney wants to milk every penny it can from its multibillion-dollar property -- and has already announced its intentions to make a whole bunch of movies in the Star Wars universe. However, BC’s sources believe that Disney will make those features, and that the Pixar tie-in will most likely come in the form of production credits from various Pixar alumni or something along those lines. It might not even go that deep – Disney, as the article points out, has been known to run ideas for its projects past the Pixar team in the past.

Of course, given Latino Review’s record of scoring scoops, I wouldn’t totally discount this rumor. There are assuredly animated Star Wars films coming, and it’s not that much of a stretch to think that Disney would love to get Pixar involved in them in some way. These guys are the reigning kings of the animated box office, and if you had them in your stable and were looking to make a huge splash, you’d be crazy not to want them involved. Whether that means they’ll be making the film under their own banner or just providing input and support remains to be seen. Still, the idea of it is pretty exciting.

Like so many cool rumors, we’ll just have to wait and see how this one plays out. Given Pixar’s long development cycle on projects, and Disney’s desire to get the live-action Star Wars films up and running, it could be quite some time before anything happens on this front in the first place.

What Star Wars tales would you want to see Pixar tackle if it were to make an animated feature? Given how good it was with WALL-E, I could certainly see the studio doing something interesting with droids.





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