There's Actually One New Pixar Movie You Can Watch on the Big Screen in 2014

There's Actually One New Pixar Movie You Can Watch on the Big Screen in 2014

Jan 08, 2014

Fans of Pixar were disheartened to learn that for the first time in many years, 2014 would not see the release of a new Pixar movie in theaters. Originally Pixar had planned to release The Good Dinosaur in May of 2014, but some issues behind the scenes (including a replacement director) forced the project to move to 2015, which, as of now, will actually see the release of two new, original Pixar features (The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out). But what will you do until then? How will you survive an entire year without seeing new Pixar content on the big screen?

Well, fortunately you don't have to. While Pixar is not releasing a full-length feature film in 2014, it is giving us a short film that will play in front of Disney's Muppets Most Wanted, due out March 21. That short film is called Party Central, and it will once again bring us back into the Monsters University universe. 

When we spoke with MU director Dan Scanlon last year regarding the film's Blu-ray release, he told us a bit more about the short.

"It's a phenomenal short that was directed by Kelsey Mann, who was the head of story on Monsters, and it takes place soon after Monsters University, but it features Mike, Sully, Oozma Kappa and it's super fun. It'll be nice to see the movie continue on that way."

So mark those calendars Pixar freaks -- turns out you will get a little new content in 2014. It'll be short, but definitely sweet. (And ugly. And sort of adorable.)




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