Early 'Inside Out' Reactions Call It One of Pixar's Best

Early 'Inside Out' Reactions Call It One of Pixar's Best

May 18, 2015

Pixar has been in sequel mode for a few years now, with only one of their last four movies being an original. That's not a terrible thing considering a Pixar sequel is still miles better than most animated movies, but it does send fans yearning to discover the next Wall-E or Up.

Pixar is breaking that sequel streak this year with not only one, but two new, original movies, this summer's Inside Out and this fall's The Good Dinosaur. The former, a film about a young girl as told through the emotions inside her head, has enjoyed its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and the early reactions are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, some go on to call it one of the studio's best movies.

High praise, but the reviews do try to back it up:



What truly makes Inside Out remarkable, however, is how incredibly creative it is. Once Joy and Sadness are stuck in Long Term Memory you can see the story beats laid out in front of you, but Docter and his animators constantly surprise with the inhabitants they have populated throughout Riley’s mind. From her abandoned imaginary friend Bing Bong (Richard Kind) to the eye-popping realization of Abstract World, there is a wealth of new ideas here that put recent Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios films to shame.


The Playlist:

"Inside Out" is not just fun and breezy, it's also truly weird and wicked smart in its thoroughly heartfelt conclusions.


Coming Soon:

As we’ve come to expect from Pixar, Inside Out is another gorgeous, colorful film that often makes you forget you’re watching animation. Inside Out is a bittersweet look at childhood’s end that might be Pixar’s most layered and complex film since Ratatouille.



To borrow a notion from Malcolm Gladwell, the pic’s “stickiness factor” is through the roof, making it one of those rare movies that transcends the medium, the way Melies visualized the moon or Romero invented zombies, even if relatively few go back to watch the films that spawned those ideas today. Concepts like this come around maybe once a decade, but linger for centuries, and even if others (like early-’90s TV show “Herman’s Head”) got there first, you’ve gotta hand it to Pixar for making it endure.


But, if all of that praise is too high, The Guardian does bring it back down a bit. Even then, however, they're still big on the movie, just not as a career best:

It hasn’t anything as genuinely emotionally devastating as Up, or the subtlety and inspired subversion of Monsters Inc. and the Toy Stories which it certainly resembles at various stages. But it is certainly a terrifically likeable, ebullient and seductive piece of entertainment, taken at full-throttle.


Inside Out hits theaters on June 19, 2015.

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