If Pixar Made R-Rated Movies, They Might Look Like This

If Pixar Made R-Rated Movies, They Might Look Like This

Feb 18, 2014

Movies R Fun Pulp Fiction

When you think of Pixar, odds are you think of fun, family-friendly kids’ fare filled with cute characters and wholesome stories. Odds are you do not think of profanity and classic grown-up cinema. Well, prepare to have your expectations turned on their ear in the most awesome way possible.

No, Pixar hasn’t decided to make animated versions of some of your favorite R-rated classics, but one of the company’s storyboard artists has a cool little hobby that involves taking your favorite not-so-kid-friendly movie scenes and drawing them in the format of a children’s book. “Say what again” indeed.

Artist Josh Cooley has collected his drawings and put them together in a book he’s titled Movies R Fun, which will hit retailers on March 1. In preparation, the artist has released some of his entries, and we’ve picked a few of our favorites to share below. For more awesome movie-themed artwork from the upcoming book, check out Buzzfeed.

Movies R Fun Die Hard

Movies R Fun Jaws

Movies R Fun Big Lebowski


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