'Pitch Perfect' Helmer Set to Bring 'Archie Comics' to Life, May Even Involve the Undead

'Pitch Perfect' Helmer Set to Bring 'Archie Comics' to Life, May Even Involve the Undead

Jun 06, 2013

Warner Bros. is putting together a live-action movie adaptation of the long running, wholesome comic series Archie. However, Deadline strongly hints that, while the movie will still be wholesome, it may not necessarily be the Archie your parents grew up with.

Earlier this year screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Glee, the upcoming Carrie remake) wrote a comic series called Afterlife with Archie about zombies invading the quaint streets of Riverdale. And while Deadline's report doesn't unquivocaly state that it's specifically this new storyline Warner Bros. will be adapting, it is one of the more amusing routes the studio could take.

The high-concept pitch of the piece is to take the quintessential Archie comics and add in gore and horror elements. Aguirre-Sasca is set to write the film, while Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore will work behind the camera.

Honestly, should it move forward, this project could go one of two ways – it could be a brilliant mash-up of something wholesome and pure and decidedly anachronistic in today’s world (the Archie comics) with hard-edged horror and gore. We’d be okay with that happening. It could also be another title that makes the mistake of thinking that simply adding zombies to a preexisting franchise automatically makes it more awesome. I haven’t read Aguirre-Sasca’s comic, but I’m nervous the latter is the more likely outcome.

What do you guys think? Are you still interested in zombie crossovers? Who’s going to look better during the zombie apocalypse, Bettie or Veronica? Weigh in on these important topics below.


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