'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Is Back on for a 2017 Release

'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Is Back on for a 2017 Release

Jul 23, 2014

How long can we stretch a Pirates of the Caribbean title? This long, apparently: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (in theaters July 7, 2017). Walt Disney Pictures just announced that the beloved (verbose) franchise, starring Johnny Depp as the kohl-rimmed, eccentric pirate clown, will only be delayed (as previously announced) a few years due to script rewrites.

The fifth installment in the series will (if rumors are true) find Jack and company in search of the Trident, battling the villainous Captain Brand (a ghost) for control of the valuable spear. Brand blames Jack for his death, as Sparrow turned Brand’s brother Eric into a pirate, eventually leading to the specter's demise. And it wouldn’t be a Pirates movie without a love subplot. Jack becomes enamored with Captain Barbossa’s (Geoffrey Rush) daughter, Carina Smyth. She’s a skilled astronomer who is accused of witchcraft due to her vast scientific knowledge. Last we heard, Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3) was being eyed for the role. Better still, Christoph Waltz was being considered for the role of Brand.

The last Pirates film raked in over $1 billion at the box office, so Disney has been eager to nail down a release date. The studio is also elated since Pirates has the July 7 weekend all to itself (at least right now).

Chime in with your cast wish list and Pirate-y enthusiasm, below.




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