Off Screen: 'Piranha 3DD' Game Trailer Looks Way Better Than the Movie

Off Screen: 'Piranha 3DD' Game Trailer Looks Way Better Than the Movie

May 30, 2012

In case it wasn't obvious from the cup size in the title, Piranha 3DD is a bit of a gimmick movie. Written and directed by the team behind the Feast franchise, this waterpark-set sequel makes Alexandre Aja's remake of the classic nature-run-amok film look positively classy-- and if you've seen Aja's hardly prestigious film, you know that's an impressive (or depressing, depending on your tastes) feat. So if you thought the level of nudity and viscera in the first film was too much, Piranha 3DD probably isn't your cup of tea. That doesn't mean you should stay away from the Piranha 3DD video game, though, because this thing looks like a riot.

The game, developed by Future Games of London, turns its back on the stupid humans and lets the player take control of the ravenous fishes. The result looks like it may be the most entertaining movie-based game in years. Check out the trailer below:

If that looks a fun distraction, you can pick it up for iOS or Android for $.99 and is available now; the movie hits select theaters and VOD June 1st.

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