In Pictures: The Life of a Superhero Impersonator

In Pictures: The Life of a Superhero Impersonator

May 31, 2011

With at least three major superhero-related movies due out this summer, it's fair to say those brave, tight-wearing men and women aren't going away anytime soon. These days outside multiplexes we have ordinary people dressing up as their own homemade superheroes and attempting (but failing) to fight crime on their hometown streets, but we also have the folks who dress up as the popular Marvel and DC superheroes and impersonate them at birthday parties, Bat Mitzvahs or on the streets of Hollywood.

Photographer Gregg Segal took an interest in the lives of a few superhero impersonators, and decided (with their permission) to enter their homes and photograph them in their not-so-spiffy secret lairs. Check out a few of the images below (something tells us Spider-Man needs that new movie to come out sooner rather than later, whaddya think?).

[via Buzzfeed]

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