Storyscapes at the Tribeca Film Festival: It's Like Walking into a Sci-fi Movie

Apr 19, 2013 Comments ()
  • New to the Tribeca Film Festival this year is Storyscapes, brought to life through a collaboration with Bombay Sapphire, and dedicated to interactive and experimental transmedia projects.
  • Festgoers observe Robots in Residence, an ongoing documentary directed by robots.
  • Festgoers watch Robots in Residence.
  • The adorable robots from Robots in Residence
  • The 'Star Wars Uncut' wall allows festgoers to watch a crowd-sourced Star Wars remake in 15-second bursts.
  • Star Wars Uncut
  • Star Wars Uncut
  • This Exquisite Forest is a Web-based animation experiment that allows festgoers to collaborate on amateur animations.
  • This Exquisite Forest 
  • Animations from This Exquisite Forest 
  • More animations from This Exquisite Forest 
  • Sandy Storyline is an exhibit dedicated to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, allowing them to share their experiences through images and video.
  • The back lounge is drenched in blue, with a bar, a DJ and video playing on one wall.
  • The lounge, where the Bombay Sapphire signature drinks kept flowing throughout the night
  • The lounge DJ booth
  • The lounge with a DJ
  • The entrance to the lounge
  • Festgoers watching video in the lounge
  • The lounge, courtesy of Bombay Sapphire
  • A map of the Storyscapes space, with information on all the projects. You can read more about Storyscapes on the official Tribeca Film Festival website.
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