See the New 'Ninja Turtles' Lair and Real-Life Pizza Thrower

Jul 29, 2014 Comments ()
  • This interactive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (August 8) exhibit at Comic-Con featured a replica of the new Ninja Turtles lair.
  • This lair, which will look a lot like the one in the movie, comes complete with flat-screen TV and tables resembling sushi rolls.
  • Also featured in the lair is furniture crafted entirely out of Pizza Hut pizza boxes.
  • Like this couch, coffee table and chair
  • The Pizza Thrower was a toy sold in the '90s to promote the Ninja Turtles, and it briefly made its return at Comic-Con in large, real-life, tanklike form.
  • Here's what the Pizza Thrower looked like as a toy set.
  • Thankfully these weren't real pizzas that were being thrown.
  • And here's who those pizzas were being thrown at: cardboard Shredders.
  • Each pizza was inserted into a slot on the side of the Pizza Thrower.
  • Finally, fans got to shoot pizzas out via controls at the top of the Pizza Thrower.
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