On the Scene at SXSW: Posters, Red Carpets and What is 'What the Truck'?

Mar 17, 2012 Comments ()
  • Beauty is Embarrassing filmmaker Neil Berkeley and his subject, artist Wayne White, waiting for the post-screening Q&A to start as the closing credits finish rolling at Alamo Drafthouse Village.
  • Once SXSW Music begins, local SXSW Film attendees often flee to more distant SXSW venues with parking and fewer crowds. Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar was a popular option on Wednesday.
  • Austin filmgoer David Roland Strong managed somehow to get SXSW Film Pass #666. Be afraid.
  • The Austin Convention Center displayed posters from most of the SXSW shorts and featues this year, many of them quite striking.
  • The red-carpet background stayed up all week at the Austin Convention Center, and lots of SXSW attendees took the opportunity to stage their own photo sessions.
  • IF you needed a food truck and couldn't find one, these signs were all over downtown Austin. You could scan the QR code with your smartphone to find the truck or trailer nearest your location.
  • Some food trailers weren't trailers -- obviously this one was converted from a bus, and takes advantage of the fact. Their very Austin motto: "Better 'cuz they're baked."
  • Filmmakers are very informal during SXSW Q&As. Jonny Mars wasn't afraid to get comfortable after his screening of America's Parking Lot, a documentary about diehard Dallas Cowboys fans.
  • Paramount Theatre employees are kept busy during SXSW. The marquee had to be changed several times a day, once for each film.
  • The Paramount marquee after the changing of the movie title.
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